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Monday, March 12, 2007

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Black Black Comic Strips
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·Where I'm Coming From
Rating: *****
From the only African American female cartoonist to be nationally syndicated (in over 100 newspapers the first year), Brandon's strip is making history in the funny pages. BARBARA ...
Where I'm Coming From
·UrbanStyle Comics
Rating: *****
Dreadlocks and other original UrbanStyle Comics.
UrbanStyle Comics
·Emancipator Comic
Rating: ****
Urban Legends Comics: Original online comic strips and graphics animation.
Emancipator Comic
Rating: *****
(th)ink is the weekly single panel comic strip written and drawn by San Francisco cartoonist Keith Knight (the K Chronicles). Tackling the political and social issues impacting com...
·The K Chronicles
Rating: *****
The K Chronicles is a weekly, semi-autobiographical comic strip based on the life of cartoonist/rapper/ne’er-do-well Keith Knight. Fresh, sharp, topical, and edgy, the strip offers...
The K Chronicles
·Silo Roberts
Rating: *****
Silo Roberts, the daily and Sunday comic strip by Rob Cabrera, is the story of a multiethnic middle child who struggles to find his place in today’s melting pot of a world.
Silo Roberts
Rating: *****
Seven Spoon is the hilarious, edgy comic strip character created by Olusola.
·Say What?!
Rating: *****
Gettosake comic strip.
Say What?!
Rating: ****
A lot of rap stars go broke. A lot of rap stars own pitbulls. Housebroken tells the story of a pitbull rap star who went broke. Now living in suburbia with the family of his attorn...
·Is It Just Us
Rating: *****
“Justus” is a comic strip that “reveals the unconscious faults of adults through the insightful innocence of children.” Its subtle semi political undertone is heightened by a humor...
Is It Just Us
Rating: *****
Jump Start comic strip offers an authentic, positive representation of middle-class African Americans with charm and insight born of personal experience.
·Jet News
Rating: *****
Comics strips and original animation by artist: Bill Murray.
Jet News

·Black Black Comic Strips
Rating: *****
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Black Black Comic Strips

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