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Monday, March 12, 2007

Black Education Websites

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Black Education
Find websites that focus on Black Education, Black Students, and the Black College experience.

·Higher Learning
Rating: *****
Featured Channel on theEzine for teens of color, showcasing academic, extracurical, talen, scholarship, and fellowship programs for students of color.

Higher Learning
Rating: *****
INROADS, a national organization geered towards placing talented minority students into internships at fortune 500 companies.

Rating: *****
HBCUCONNECT.COM strives to be a cohesive link between all Historically Black Colleges and Universities worldwide.
·College Board
Rating: *****
Great Resource for students, parents and educators desiring information about the college admissions process and SAT preparation.

College Board
·Black Sororities
Rating: *****
African American - Black Sororities: find an extensive list of links on
Black Sororities
·The Black Collegian Online
Rating: *****
The first web site dedicated to providing rich content and resources to Black collegians and all people of color seeking career and self-development information.
The Black Collegian Online
·Afrocentric Learning Tools
Rating: *****
The mission of Afrocentric Learning Tools is to highlight products and services that aim to educate Black Students and promote the development of Multicultural educational tools. T...
Afrocentric Learning Tools
Black Fraternities and Sororities

Rating: *****
A listing
<br />Black Fraternities and Sororities
The Black Student Fund

Rating: ****

<br />The Black Student Fund
College Answer

Rating: *****
Planning for College
<br />College Answer
College Board

Rating: *****
Admissions information and SAT registration
<br />College Board
HBCU Minority Student Scholarships

Rating: *****

<br />HBCU Minority Student Scholarships

·Black Education
Rating: *****
Find an extensive listing of search results for Black Education on
Black Education

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