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Monday, March 12, 2007

Black Movies and Film Websites

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Black Movies & Film
Find sites that showcase information about New Black Movie Releases, Black Movie Trailers, Black Actors, Black Film Festivals, Black Celebrity Gossip, and much more.

·Black Film Makers on yahooGroups
Rating: *****
A support group for black film makers.
Black Film Makers on yahooGroups
Rating: *****
African American and urban-themed entertainment.
·Sisters in Cinema
Rating: *****
Sisters in Cinema is a resource guide for and about African American women feature filmmakers.
Sisters in Cinema
·Pyramid Pictures
Rating: ****
Pyramid Pictures, LLC was officially formed in 2003 by five extremely talented, creative and business-minded individuals in Atlanta, GA.
Pyramid Pictures
Rating: *****
Check out what's currently playing, find a theatre near you, and get your tickets before the show. All this just one
·Iced In Black
Rating: *****
Canadian Black Experiences on Film.
Iced In Black
Rating: *****
Urban Animation, Comics and Illustration and short films.

·Face the Issue
Rating: *****
Face the Issue is an online community featuring animated shorts that explore the low-self esteem and drug addiction concerns of many young women.
Face the Issue
Black Entertainment Television

Rating: *****
The premier television network showcasing content for African American viewers.
<br />Black Entertainment Television
Actors Websites: a blackrefer listing

Rating: *****

<br />Actors Websites: a blackrefer listing
Nyc Movie & Theatre Reviews from

Rating: ***

<br />Nyc Movie & Theatre Reviews from

Rating: ****

<br />Black

·Black Movies & Film
Rating: *****
Find an extensive listing of search results for Black Movies & Film on
Black Movies & Film

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