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Monday, March 12, 2007

Black Kids and Teen Websites

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Black Kids and Teens
Black Youth Networks: Find websites for Black Children and for Black Teens.

·Higher Learning
Rating: *****
Featured Channel on theEzine for teens of color, showcasing academic, extracurical, talen, scholarship, and fellowship programs for students of color.

Higher Learning
·The Ezine
Rating: *****
Created to provide young women of color ages 5-17 with positive reflections of themselves. seperated into 3 age areas, babyGirlz, preTeenz, and Teenz, the eZine strives to be both ...
The Ezine
·My Sistahs
Rating: *****
Mysistahs provides information and offers support on sexual and reprodutive health issues for young women of color.
My Sistahs
Rating: *****
INROADS, a national organization geered towards placing talented minority students into internships at fortune 500 companies.

Rating: *****
HBCUCONNECT.COM strives to be a cohesive link between all Historically Black Colleges and Universities worldwide.
Cartoons for Teens

Rating: *****
On Harlem Live
<br />Cartoons for Teens
Rating: *****
Award winning, critically acclaimed web magazine produced by teens from throughout New York City. It is a journalism program that teaches students ages 13 to 21 how to run an onlin...
Rating: ***** is a leading online community and content site for teenage girls.
Rating: *****
Urban Animation, Comics and Illustration and short films.

·Face the Issue
Rating: *****
Face the Issue is an online community featuring animated shorts that explore the low-self esteem and drug addiction concerns of many young women.
Face the Issue
·College Board
Rating: *****
Great Resource for students, parents and educators desiring information about the college admissions process and SAT preparation.

College Board
·Coach Carter
Rating: *****
Coach Carter is an advocate for Richmond's youth and is active in his community. He is diligent in providing them with opportunities to build meaningful relationships with their pe...
Coach Carter

·Black Kids and Teens
Rating: *****
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Black Kids and Teens

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